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Samala Robinson

Meet the director


Samala Robinson


Just over a decade ago, top makeup artist Samala Robinson was faced with a dilemma. She had been head of makeup and wardrobe at TV3 for ten years, a job that required her to train and coach talented young makeup artists, passing on her knowledge and helping them to develop their own skills and confidence.


Inevitably, though, these makeup artists left for bigger challenges. Replacing them was difficult. Nobody was training fashion makeup artists to the skill level Samala required. So she began offering training modules at home on the weekends. It wasnt long before it became obvious that more in-depth training was required.


So Samala decided to jump.


In early 2000 she founded the Samala Robinson Fashion Makeup Academy, a school dedicated to the finest standards of fashion makeup training, creativity and self-expression. Her dream was to produce makeup artists worthy of working at the highest levels, whether it be fashion, cosmetic companies, film and television or any other aspect of the industry.


Samalas academy now dominates makeup education within New Zealand. She measures her own success by the satisfaction of her students, and keeps constantly up to date with trends and developments overseas so that her teaching stays fresh and current.

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