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How to keep your makeup tools clean & fresh

We do makeup on ourselves, and our artists have many clients (a list that we hope keeps growing). And when the magic is all done, an important task is cleaning your tools before you wrap up. Makeup tools, such as brushes, sponges, and applicators, are essential items in every makeup kit. They help us achieve flawless and precise makeup application, but many of us often overlook the importance of cleaning them regularly. To begin with, let’s understand why this is necessary.

Prevent Breakouts and Infections: One of the most significant reasons why you should clean your makeup tools regularly is to prevent breakouts and infections. When you use your brushes, sponges, and applicators, they pick up dirt, oil, and bacteria from skin. If you don't clean them regularly, these impurities can build up and transfer onto your skin, clogging your pores and leading to breakouts. Hope this isn’t too graphic - but using unclean makeup tools can also lead to bacterial infections, such as pink eye or staph infections, which can be severe and difficult to treat.
Maintain the Quality of Your Makeup: Using dirty makeup tools can affect the quality of your makeup application. If your brushes are clogged with old makeup, they won't be able to pick up and distribute your new makeup products correctly, leading to patchy and uneven application. Moreover, using dirty sponges and applicators can cause your makeup to look streaky and cakey, ruining your overall look. By cleaning your makeup tools regularly, you can ensure that they are free from any old makeup residue and ready to use for your next application.
Increase Longevity of Your Makeup Tools: When you don't clean your brushes and sponges, old makeup, bacteria, and dirt can accumulate on them, making them prone to damage and deterioration. As a result, you may have to replace your tools more frequently, which can be expensive in the long run. By cleaning your makeup tools regularly, you help them last longer, saving you money and time.
Now that you understand the importance of cleaning your makeup tools regularly, here's how to do it properly.
Wash Your Brushes with Soap and Water: For brushes, start by rinsing them under warm water to remove any excess makeup. Then, use a mild soap or shampoo to lather the bristles and massage them gently with your fingers. Rinse them thoroughly and squeeze out any excess water before laying them flat to dry.
Clean Your Sponges and Applicators with Soap and Water: For sponges and applicators, you can either use a mild soap or a specialized makeup brush cleanser. Wet the sponge or applicator and apply the soap or cleanser, working it into a lather. Rinse them thoroughly under running water and squeeze out any excess water before laying them flat to dry.
Clean Your Tools After Every Use: To keep your makeup tools in good condition, you should aim to clean them after every use. This will prevent any old makeup residue and bacteria from building up, making it easier to clean them thoroughly when you have more time.
For Makeup Artists: ISO spray! Our SRA students are given this as a part of their makeup kit. This helps sanitise your makeup within minutes, making it ready to be used again in no time.
In the end, please remember - cleaning your makeup tools regularly is essential for maintaining good skin health, achieving flawless makeup application, and prolonging the life of your tools. Make this a ritual! With the right cleaning routine and products, you can ensure that your makeup tools are always in tip-top shape, ready to help you look your best xoxo
The Makeup Connoisseur

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