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Reasons you should get certified as a Makeup Artist

You read that right! We believe it’s an important step as a Professional Makeup Artist for you to take the important step of getting certified. Here are some reasons why this matters:

Professional credibility: Earning a professional makeup artist certification can provide you with a level of professional credibility and demonstrate to clients that you have the knowledge and skills required to do the job. It also becomes a great prop for your future makeup studio!
Enhanced skillset: Certified makeup programmes typically cover a wide range of topics related to makeup application, including color theory, skin types, and makeup techniques. By completing a certification program, you can enhance your makeup skills and gain a deeper understanding of the field. Every week at SRA we learn and try out different looks which allows you to experience and expand your creative skills and range.
Career advancement: Becoming a certified makeup artist can open a wide range of new career opportunities, such as working in the entertainment industry or in a salon or spa.
Networking opportunities: Certification programs provide opportunities to network with other makeup artists and industry professionals, which can lead to new job opportunities and collaborations. Who know where these connections might lead in future – the sky’s the limit!
Client trust: Clients are more likely to trust a certified makeup artist who has undergone training and has a professional certification. The certificate is like the Instagram blue tick verification!
Access to specialized training: Some certification programs (such as ours!) offer specialised training in areas such as bridal , special effects , or editorial makeup, which can help you develop expertise in a particular area of the field.
We hope this gives you perspective and helps you understand – it's time to get certified! Reach out to us at
The Makeup Connoisseur

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