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Together for our wāhine - Partnership with Dressed in Confidence

The SRA Makeup Academy students are creative, detail-oriented, and love working with people. They have a deep interest in fashion, art, and design, and enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest makeup trends and techniques. This encourages us to help our clients reach the best opportunities.

SRA's latest venture has been a partnership with "Dressed in Confidence", a charity organization that provides professional clothing and styling services to women in Aotearoa. As a makeup school, we understand the importance of appearance and confidence in achieving career success, and we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel confident and empowered. Through our collaboration with "Dressed in Confidence", we are able to offer makeup training sessions to women who also receive clothing and styling services from the organization. These sessions are designed to help women build their confidence and enhance their professional image, which can be crucial for success in job interviews and other career-related events.

We are proud to support the work of "Dressed in Confidence" in helping empower women in Aotearoa/New Zealand to achieve their goals. Our partnership is a great example of how different organizations can work together to make a positive impact on society.

At SRA Makeup Academy, we believe in the potential for every woman to be her best self, both inside and out. As a makeup school, we are passionate about helping women to enhance their natural beauty and feel confident in their own skin. We also believe that it's important for women to follow their hearts and pursue their passions, whether that's in the beauty industry or in other areas of life. Through our training programs, we encourage women to explore their creativity, develop their skills, and pursue their dreams. We provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment where women can connect with others who share their interests and aspirations. Our goal is to help women feel empowered and inspired to be their best selves, both in their careers and in their personal lives. We believe that when women are confident and fulfilled, they can make a positive impact on the world around them.

Check out photos from our latest work experience with the Dressed in Confidence team at the Strive Community Trust.


The Makeup Connoisseur

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