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Elise Wilson

When Elise Wilson scored a job as an editorial assistant at a top women’s magazine a seven years ago, she thought she had found her dream role. She loved the world of magazines and certainly wasn’t afraid of a little hard work.

She soon proved herself more than capable and, while she found the admin side of the job fairly mundane, she quickly expanded her role into beauty writing and helping to collate the fashion and beauty pages for New Idea and Girlfriend magazines. But in doing all this she found a new ambition. She discovered a passion for cosmetics and beauty that went beyond just writing.

When a friend recommended SRA, Elise saw the chance to train as a fashion makeup artist and booked herself onto the next available 32 week part-time course. With a lot of determination and giving up many weekends to build her portfolio, Elise launched a new career. Thanks to the comprehensive training she received at SRA, she started out in the industry with good skills, knowledge and support.

Within three years she established herself as a freelance professional makeup artist, specialising in weddings, balls and magazine work, with some shoots appearing in the very magazines she started out with. She continues to work as a Beauty Editor and is now aligned with M2 Woman Magazine across their print and online forums.

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